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Poly Crystalline Solar panel

High-efficiency polycrystalline silicon wafer solar panels can be customized according to the size and power you need, 10 years guarantee, up to 25 years of service life, suitable for industrial, commercial, household, roof, ground and other power generation systems.

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Poly Crystalline series

Solar cell

Poly crystalline silicon






1.4mm busbar(silver),blue anti-reflecting coating(silicon nitride)


2.8mm wide soldering pads(silver)Back surface field(aluminum)

Product Details:

1. PID Free Module: Anti-PID cell and encapsulation technology. Frameless module requtres no module grounding which may PID

2. Higher Lifetime Power Yield: <0.5% annual power derradation, 25 year linear power warranty

3. Saving BOS Cost: Desigened for high voltage systems of up to 1500 VDC, saving BOS cost

4. Improved Durability and Reliability: Dual glass reduces micro-cracking, snail trails, corrosions caused by moisture, sand, salt mist, acid, alkali, etc.

5. Less Maintenance Requirement: Rrduced soiling and snow coverage requires less maintenance and enhances fire safety

6. Aesthetically Pleasing Design: white back sheet maximizes module effcency up to 19.5%(60-Poly max. output 275W);Transparent back sheet increases light.

transmission, ideal for installations requiring light to pass through.

7. Strengthened Mechanical Support: 5400 Pa snow load,2400 Pa wind load



Rooftop power generation is a popular energy-saving project so far. It can realize off-grid or grid-connected procedures, which greatly saves electricity costs.


Either self-consuming or selling the network, it offers another way of generating revenue. But it still depends on which window partner you choose.


Over millions of homes across continents powered with “Reliable solar’s” panels which deliver clean reliable energy and help lower your electricity bill all year round.

XP-10W-P 10W 18V 21.8V 0.57A 0.62A 360*240*17 10 1.13
XP-15W-P 15W 18V 21.8V 0.86A 0.97A 380*250*17 10 1.5
XP-20W-P 20W 18V 21.8V 1.11A 1.18A 490*250*25 10 1.9
XP-30W-P 30W 18V 21.8V 1.69A 1.85A 650*350*25 10 2.5
XP-40W-P 40W 18V 21.8V 2.29A 2.46A 425*670*25 10 3.3
XP-50W-P 50W 18V 21.8V 2.81A 3.05A 540*670*30 5 3.8
XP-60W-P 60W 18V 21.8V 3.26A 3.5A 640*670*30 5 4.6
XP-80W-P 80W 18V 21.8V 4.58A 4.93A 1100*510*30 4 5.4
XP-100W-P 100W 18V 21.8V 5.62A 6.05A 1030*670*30 2 7.8
XP-120W-P 120W 18V 21.8V 6.86A 7.43A 1200*670*30 2 8
XP-150W-P 150W 18V 21.8V 8.43A 9.08A 1480*670*35 2 11.7
XP-220W-P 220W 36V 44V 6.1A 6.56A 1340*990*35 2 16
XP-270W-P 270W 30.9V 38.03V 8.73A 9.42A 1650*992*40 2 20
XP-330W-P 330W 37.1V 46.01V 8.87A 9.49A 1980*992*40 2 23


  • Q1. How to pay?    A: TT payment( 30% deposit for order, then blance would be paid before goods delivery)    
  • Q2. Can we order sample for testing?   A: yes, order sample is available.     
  • Q3. What about the lead time?   A: Sample is 3-5 days, mass production is 2-4 weeks.     
  • Q4. Do you have MOQ?   A: Small qty sample testing order is available.
  • Q5. Can you put our LOGO?  A: yes, OEM&ODM are available.
  • Q6. How would I make order? A: You can send message from our website form or email to us, even you can call the No. in the website. Our sales will reply you for orders details. Since you confirmed the order, and arrange the deposit, your order would be arranged asap. And the sales will keep in touch with you during producing period. Since your order finished, you will get our information for balance and shipment. We can assist your side to arrange the shipping;

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