Solar Home Inverter inbuilt Battery and Controller

  • MCU intelligent control excellent performance;
  • Pure sine wave AC output, strong capacity of different loads;
  • 5VDC-USB output &12VDC terminal output, Convenient and practical;
  • Protection for over charge, over discharge, overload, short circuit;
  • Digital meter & LED display.

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Solar Deep Cycle Battery


AC 220V or Solar Panel


AC Electricity supply, DC 12V output, DC 5V device charging


Brown cardboard carton for per

Product Details:

Solar Home Inverter inbuilt Battery and Controller

  1. This is a pure sine wave solar home inverter, inbuilt battery and controller;
  2. Integrated design, it is very convevient for home using, no need to worry about the complexed installation, just connect the solar panel it will start working;
  3.  LCD display of working ;
  4. Battery overvoltage/lowvoltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, and overtemperature protection.
  5. Specifications:
    Model 300W(C) 500W(C) 500W(C) 1000W(C) 1500(C)
    Inver ter Battery voltage(VDC) 12V 24V 24V
    Internal batter Capacity(AH) 1*55AH/12V 2*55AH/12V 4*55AH/12V
    Rated Power(W) 300 500 500 1000 1500
    Output voltage(VAC) 110/220
    Output frequency(Hz) 50/60
    Wave form Sine Wave
    Mains charging Rated voltage 110/220 —*(* marked as optional features)
    Charge current(A) 8(MAX)—*(* marked as optional features)
    Solar Maximum voltage(VDC) ≤25 ≤50 ≤50
    Charge voltage range(VDC) 10-25 20-50 20-50
    Charging current rating(A) 30
    Maximum Power(Wp) 360 720 720
    Over charge protective voltage(VDC) 14.2 28.4 28.4
    Over charge protective voltage(VDC) 14 28 28
    Float voltage(VDC) 13.7 27.4 27.4
    DC output Over voltage protective voltage(VDC) 16V 32V 32V
    Over voltage recover voltage(VDC) 15.2 30.4 30.4
    Low voltage recover voltage(VDC) 12.6 25.2 25.2
    Low voltage protective voltage(VDC) 11 22 22
    5VDC USB Output 2 Port/MAX 2A
    12VDC DC Output 2 Port/MAX 2A
    Fan start temperature >45℃
    Operation environment temperature 0-40℃
    Working temperature -25 – +55℃
    Humidity 0-90%non-condensing
    Product Size:D*W*H(mm) 343×225×443 423×260×453 513×310×493
    Packed Size:D*W*H(mm) 420×290×490 520×370×520 610×420×550

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